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The New and Improved Michael’s!

Hello Friends!  I have some great news for all you crafty gals out there!  Michael’s is giving their stores a fresh look and a ton of new product.  Ever since the new JoAnn’s Ect. opened at Canyon Springs I have not be in Michael’s very much…. they must have noticed!

Their reno’s aren’t comlplete yet, but almost.  Go check it out, they have a HUGE new jewelry making section.



99¢ Store Update

I went again today and they had some good stuff!  They had strawberries back in, go-gurt packs of 8 (1/person), pumpkins (1/person), Pillsbury cinnamon rolls (1/person), and 90 packs of baking cups 2/99¢.  I also got some Cars the movie pez dispensers for stocking stuffers as well as some 24″ bouncy balls for after school play today!

They were also fully stocked on those socks…. hit um’ up!

Sale Alert!!

Listen up Mom’s!  The 99¢ store on Arlington has Hanes 3 packs of boys ankle socks for … yes … 99¢!  Mad crazy deal!  I stocked up because, really, what little boy can keep a pair of socks clean?  And you know you are going to need them!

Sale Alert

Sunday after Church I set out to accomplish a lot!  I had a lot of shopping to do for the wedding we are involved with this coming weekend.  While passing through Macy’s, I noticed their INC. line, the one that I LOVE and fits me so well but is TOO EXPENSIVE – was on sale.  

(Side note… I have a hard time fitting into “adult” clothes because when God made my rib cage, he decided to make it the size of a ten year old- and decided to make it stay that way until I died… so “adult” lines that fit me are RARE…)

When I say on sale, I mean like 60% off retail.  For $55, I got the jacket below and a similar black one… Yah!

Now I just need it to be cold….


I don’t often shop at Payless Shoes.  But, I always turn to them when I need dress shoes for the boys.  This doesn’t happen often… so why would I pay $60 for leather dress shoes they may wear two or three times? Won’t do it!

So, the boys are in a wedding in a few weeks and I have started assembling their required ensambles… I went to Payless for dress shoes… lots of black ones… but we need brown… Alas! Brown dress shoes… wrong size.  The lady calls around and finds both sizes in a 5 mile radius of the store I am at.  Fabulous, and they are only $6!  On clearance!  

I proceed to the next store.  The woman who helps me asks if I have the coupon… what coupon I inquire? She tells me that if you have to drive to another Payless to get your correct size, you get $3 off… Did ya’ll know this?  So she printed me out a coupon for the next store.  So lady and gentleman… my boys shoes for the wedding, weighing in at only $3.24 a pair.

Now that I know this “gig” I will be shopping their clearance section more often…

Do you love H&M?  Did you know if you join their “Friends and Family” they will send you coupons for sales?  They are not an annoying retailer that will send you an email EVERYDAY like some, really just when they are doing a special sale.

July 21-30 they are doing $10 off a $50 purchase.  They have clothes for women, men and kids at the Tyler Mall store.  Sign up for the coupons here.

Garage Sale and Target Deals

FYI- there is a garage sale on my cul-de-sac this weekend. My next door neighbor owns a furniture store and… long story short… she has some AWESOME stuff to sell that were floor models. It might be worth the drive. Leave a comment if you want more info or directions!

Also, Target put their patio furniture 75% off this morning at the Day Street location in East Riverside. They still had a good selection of outdoor “living room” seating, not so much dining sets though. I got some GREAT deals. I will post pictures when everything is assembled.