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The New and Improved Michael’s!

Hello Friends!  I have some great news for all you crafty gals out there!  Michael’s is giving their stores a fresh look and a ton of new product.  Ever since the new JoAnn’s Ect. opened at Canyon Springs I have not be in Michael’s very much…. they must have noticed!

Their reno’s aren’t comlplete yet, but almost.  Go check it out, they have a HUGE new jewelry making section.



For Crystal

Here is some work I completed recently.  My neighbor Crystal is an amazing, gifted designer.  She owns a furniture store called Trappings Too! that sells quality, high style furniture for very affordable prices. (if you love Pottery Barn style, you’ll love her store)  I had the pleasure of doing some work for her recently, check it out!

Baby Blankets

I have mentioned that I have been making baby blankets.  Some as gifts, some waiting to sell on etsy…

Here are some pictures of what I have been working on!

They are all original designs.  They have patchwork fronts with flannel backs, and a layer quilt batting in between.

Fabric Organization

Yes… I have an obsession with fabric… And if you know me, I am happiest when sewing, quilting, crafting or most importantly in a fabric store… When I was in Design School, we went on a field trip to the Laguna Niguel Design Center.  Upon walking around one of fabric galleries, I actually started crying… everyone laughed at me… but there were tens of thousands of fabrics around this showroom, all you could see was fabric… and they even had 3 yard long samples of their new Ralph Lauren line hanging on display racks… ahhh… 

Anywho, I recently started making baby blankets that I hope to one day sell on  I have been buying a lot of little peices of fabric.  I was struggling to keep them organized… so I did this…

Now I can see all my inventory, and don’t have to get overly frustrated when trying to look through my choices.  Inspiration comes and goes quickly… and nothing kills it quite like frustration!  When I am more organized, I enjoy “working” more and am more efficient!

Other ideas for what, other than shoes, to use these handy dandy over the door hangers for?  Baby clothes, Women’s accessories like scarves (so “in” right now!), hats and hosiery, kids toys, in your pantry to organize table linens- especially if you use cloth napkins.  I have even thought of using it to organize my boys T-shirts.

Ring Pillows

So I signed up to make the ring pillows for a wedding the boys are in this coming weekend. Here is how they turned out!

Thanks to Martha Stewart for the inspiration! Let the millions she spends on product development, and the salaries of the thousands of creative people she employs in her emipre do the work for you… especially if you are having a creative “dry” moment. Inspiration and creativity are to be shared, right?

New Fabric Find

So… I have a confession… I love fabric…. maybe too much. I get so excited by it. When I was in design school, we took a trip to a design center. I was literally (I know it is pathetic) in tears to walk into a room that was floor to ceiling, row after row of JUST FABRIC. It was an amazing experience.

I have started crafting again lately. Most recently making baby blankets, so I have been looking into calico again. I found this manufacturer, called FreeSpirit Fabric. Here are some of my favorites:

Three things I LOVE: hot pink, birds, and French

Great color and pattern

I also LOVE kelly green

There are the birds again!

Pink and brown, who can resist?

Graphic flowers, fun colors

I think this is amazing. It has a classic pattern done in modern colors. (tears in the eyes…)